About Sriyansa

Hi, I’m Sriyansa Dash. Welcome to my space on the web!

This blog began because I wanted to write something other than code, and since I liked reading novels and watching movies I started writing reviews on them. Most of my old posts would fall into either of these categories. Occasionally, I would get excited or frustrated by something and you might still find remnants of those in these pages.

I was always interested in technology, specifically internet and software. As I worked and delved deeper into this domain, I became interested in aspects of technology beyond functionality. Questions on how technology evolves, what spurs innovation, where does it add value and how businesses can be built around it are some of the areas I am interested in.

Internet has now evolved into a generic distribution platform disrupting the media space, and the line between internet services and media  businesses is permanently blurred. I believe we are in midst of a sea change in how we see and perceive the world.

You will, therefore, find me writing considerably more about technology, innovation, businesses and media here. First as a developer and now as a product manager these questions are also pretty much what I worry about at work and I can’t seem to get enough of it.

Lastly, I am avid soccer fan (Man. Utd. & Barcelona) and a poker rookie. I do believe that salient lessons from both of these games can be easily applied in business  and I will be writing occasional posts on the tactics and strategy in both.

All posts and media in this blog are under CC Attribution-ShareAlike license. This allows you to share, and remix the content but asks you attribute it back to the source and license the resulting work under same terms.

My contact details are on the sidebar on this page. Feel free to connect with me; or even better if you agree or disagree with my views here leave a comment and I would love to start a conversation.

A quick note on the title: it is plagiarized shamelessly from the title of Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, and not Scott Peck’s book of the same name.

Thanks again for visiting  and Happy Reading!!